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Shenzhen Jinjie International freight forwarding is a diversified international enterprise with logistics as its main business, and is a first-class freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the State. The company was founded in 2014, since its inception, fully committed to the global sea, air, land transport and sea and air transport and other freight forwarding business. We are committed to providing quality logistics services to customers around the world....

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Shenzhen Jinjie International Cargo Transport Agency Co., Ltd. uses the actual range of agent network for customers to export and import goods around the world to provide fast, economic and safe full range of services. Destination agent situation, inland section RMB fees and other related information, for customers to design freight, logistics solutions. Main advantage routes: Australia, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States and Canada, Europe, South America, Africa and other cargo transportation



  • Industry advantage


    Focus on segmenting the shipping industry

    Since its establishment, the company has focused on dry bulk cargo (coal) transportation from northern ports to changjiang estuary and coastal areas. It is one of the private shipping enterprises with the largest volume of coal transportation in the north-south river route from Bohai Bay to Yangtze River ports, and also a leading enterprise in shipping industry in Fujian Province.
  • Asset advantage


    Low quality ship resources

    All of the company's own ships are manufactured by domestic first-class shipyards and have been certified as high-tech products, which is one of the lowest cost of ship acquisition, latest design and most advanced ship design in China.
  • Market advantage


    Long-term stable state-owned enterprise customers

    Through large-scale operation and market reputation, the company has signed long-term and stable coal transportation cooperation agreements with large customers of state-owned enterprises, such as Shenhua Group, Anhui Conch Cement, Ningbo Marine Company , COSCO SHIPPING Bulk, etc. Compared with general private enterprises, the company has the advantages of stable customers and sufficient supply of goods.
  • Management advantage


    Fine management and cost control

    By formulating standardized operating procedures, implementing comprehensive budgeting for costs, expenses and other indicators, and developing performance management systems and ERP management systems with independent intellectual property rights, which has achieved comprehensive improvement of corporate internal control by combining refined management.
  • Talent advantage


    Professional and efficient core team

    The core management team of the company adopts the management system of partners and professional managers, and the management team are all non-family members and mostly graduated from famous maritime universities in China, with rich experience in shipping industry and enterprise management.
  • Incentive advantage


    Attractive equity incentive system

    The company hired professional consultants to design and implement an equity incentive plan, which transformed the original employment relationship between the employees and the company into a partnership model in order to built a better development platform for the employees.

News Events


  • State Council joint prevention and control mechanism comprehensive group traffic control


    State Council joint prevention and control mechanism comprehensive group traffic control

    In order to fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and The State Council, further ensure the transportation of coal, natural gas and other energy materials, and support the healthy and stable operation of the national economy, with the consent of the Joint prevention and Control mechanism of The State Council, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
  • Shipowners say the "amazing" dry bulk market will continue


    Shipowners say the "amazing" dry bulk market will continue

    Martyn Wade, CEO of Singapore-based shipowner Grindrod Shipping, told the Capital Link webinar that the bulk carrier market will benefit from a post-pandemic recovery, port congestion, the overflow of container ships to bulk carriers, and the trade dispute between Australia and China. "The market has waited 10 years for such good returns and 90 per cent of our company's fleet trades on the spot market," he said.
  • Three major ship transport market outlook


    Three major ship transport market outlook

    October, the market off-season is not weak. According to the latest statistics from the US Bureau of Statistics, the inventory sales ratio of US retailers in July was only 1.11, and inventory replenishment activities will continue. According to the "Global Port Tracker" released by the National Retail Association (NRF), from August 2021 to January 2022, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach container cargo imports in the United States will increase by 2.7% from February to July 2021.
  • Bulk carrier market peak season is not prosperous BDI index rebound weak


    Bulk carrier market peak season is not prosperous BDI index rebound weak

    Bulk market in the fourth quarter of the peak season is not prosperous. Although the industry had expected that bulk carrier rates would start to rise as winter approached, the BDI index has not rebounded significantly in the near future.